Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Team Art! Will Be at Art Chicagos Next Art Fair

Team Art! Will Be at Art Chicagos Next Art Fair 

More than an art fair, NEXT is a showcase for the world’s talents and an adventure in innovative culture. An opportunity to redefine the relationship between art and its public,NEXT is a platform for established and emerging galleries to promote the work of cutting-edge artists.  NEXT is dedicated to the exhibition and advancement of today's art.  NEXTis the catalyst for the exchange of information and experimental ideas aimed at today's educated collectors.

For the second year in a row we have made it happen we will be showing are art at one of the worlds largest art events. Last year we made our debut as Allen Vandevers Project space and had great success. The art world used to seam like this mystical place that was only found in fairy tales. Last year we discovered this land and it was as strange and bizarre but magical and beautiful. I hope you come visit us wile secure our foot hold and place in the art world.

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